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到底什么是Junior One Bedroom?

在房价不断攀升的今天,对单身年轻人来说,租个一室一厅的公寓也是个不错的选择。在多伦多的公寓租赁市场上适合单身人士的公寓有三种户型:One Bedroom、Junior One Bedroom和Studio Bedroom。

Nowadays, as housing prices continue to rise, renting a one-bedroom apartment can be a good choice for young people who are single. There are three types of apartments for singles in the Toronto apartment rental market: One Bedroom, Junior One Bedroom, and Studio Bedroom.

One Bedroom就是一室一厅,即包括一个标准的卧室和一个起居室的户型。Studio Bedroom就是进门一个大开间,卧室和起居室连在一起的,没有明显区分的户型。这两种都比较常见,大家也比较熟悉。那么什么是Junior One Bedroom 呢?

One Bedroom includes a standard bedroom and a living room. Studio Bedroom is a large open space with the bedroom and the living room connected together rather than separated. Both of them are relatively common and have been known by everyone. So what is Junior One Bedroom?

Junior One Bedroom实际上是在Studio Bedroom的基础上用墙隔出了一个小房间,这个小房间面积较小,不是标准的卧室,没有衣橱,没有窗户,也有可能没有门。但如果这个小房间能放下一张单人床或双人床,很多住户就都将它改造成卧室,成为了名正言顺的“一室一厅”。当然根据这个小房间的大小不同也有很多人将它改造成衣橱、储物间或办公室。

Junior One Bedroom is an extension of a Studio Bedroom which has a small room separated by a wall. This room is small in size and is not a standard bedroom, no wardrobes, no windows, and possibly no doors. But if this small room can accommodate a single bed or a double bed, most residents will transform it into a bedroom, becoming a well-known “one bedroom, one living room”. Of course, depending on the size of this small room, many people will transform it into a walk-in closet, storage room or home office.

Junior One Bedroom的公寓户型特别受学生、年轻的上班族、年轻或老年夫妇的青睐。休息空间和起居空间分开,增强了隐私性,让工作学习一整天的主人回家也能有一个空间切换来放松自己。加上租金又比正式的一室一厅的公寓便宜,因此Junior One Bedroom的户型在租房市场上颇受欢迎。在多伦多、纽约这种房租价格较高的大城市,也有很多学生或年轻的上班族和室友一起租住Junior One Bedroom的户型,共同分担房租以降低生活的成本。

Junior One Bedroom apartment is particularly popular among students, young office workers, and young or elderly couples. Separating the rest space from the living space enhances privacy and allows the owners who have been working and studying all day to go home and have a space to relax themselves. In addition, the rent of the junior one bedroom is cheaper than a formal one-bedroom apartment, so the Junior One Bedroom unit is very popular in the rental market. In big cities such as Toronto and New York where the rents are higher, there are many students or young office workers renting Junior One Bedroom units with roommates to share the rent to reduce the cost of living.

从以下多伦多地区公寓的销售价格走势数据来看,过去二十年公寓的售价节节攀升。Two Bedroom的公寓平均售价超出One Bedroom30%以上,然而租金相差确没那么明显。与One Bedroom接近的Junior One Bedroom售价又会低一些,租金与One Bedroom又差不多,因此成为了很多投资客争抢的目标。

According to the following data on the sales price trend of condominiums in the Toronto area, the price of condominiums has risen steadily over the past two decades. The average selling price of a two-bedroom apartment is more than 30% higher than a one-bedroom apartment, but the difference in rent is not so obvious. The price of Junior One Bedroom (which has similar functions as a traditional One Bedroom) is lower than traditional One Bedroom. However, the rent is similar to One Bedroom, so it has become a target for many investors.

简而言之,Junior One Bedroom就是可以改造成一室一厅的公寓,既是大城市单身年轻人租赁的热门户型,也是房产投资者低成本高回报的选择之一。

In short, Junior One Bedroom is an apartment that can be transformed into a one-bedroom apartment. It is not only a hot portal for single young people in large cities, but also one of the low-cost and high-return options for real estate investors.



到底什么是Junior One Bedroom?