【For Sale】Kingston 18836 sqft commercial space on Bath Rd for Sale 【出售】金斯顿(Kingston) 18836平方英尺商铺出售 1761 bath rd kingston $1,600000.00


加拿大金斯顿是东南部城市,圣劳伦斯航道上的重要港口之一。位于安大略湖畔,是安大略省工商业、文化和旅游中心。人口约5.3万(1981)。自古即为水上交通要冲,战略地位重要, 1783年成为上加拿大重要城镇。十九世纪中叶曾为英领加拿大的首府。除水运外,公路、铁路交通亦甚发达,是加拿大谷物贮藏和输出港。工业以机车、机械、造船为主,还有合成纤维、化学、制革以及木材加工等。

Kingston is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It is on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the mouth of the Cataraqui River (south end of the Rideau Canal). The city is midway between Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. The Thousand Islands tourist region is nearby to the east. Kingston is nicknamed the “Limestone City” because of the many heritage buildings constructed using local limestone.





今天想介绍位于金斯顿旺铺出售———— introduce the shop located in Kingston for sale

商铺位于繁忙的巴斯路的交通繁忙的零售/商业区,从多伦多出发车程2小时半左右,该物业2个洗手间,1个额外的洗手盆,后门供司机上车,室内面积拥有为18836平方英尺和6500平方英尺(预估)建筑面积-4Units,是金斯顿的商务区核心地段,在与当地的高中相邻,包含集中性的shopping mall、轨交商业,人流量多,高回报投资理财型商铺。位置,大小, 投资成本非常适合。

—The shop is located in a busy retail/commercial area on busy Bath Road. It takes about 2 and a half hours to drive from Toronto.

—The property has 2 restrooms, 1 extra wash basin, and the back door for the driver to board the car.

—The indoor area is lot size 18836 sqft, building 6500 sqft (estimated) construction area-4 Units,

—Is the core area of Kingston’s business district, adjacent to the local high school, including a centralized shopping mall, rail transit business, and a lot of people. The location, size, and investment cost are very suitable.





2.多维立体交通,临近 hwy 401,畅享快速交通。


It is worth investing. Reasons for owning:

1. Has a promising development potential.

2. close to hwy 401, enjoy fast traffic.

3. Affluent high-end customer base, central business network.



—It can park multiple vehicles, and each property has a back door for unloading.


—The space of the entire indoor layout is relatively spacious and organized on all sides.



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【For Sale】Kingston 18836 sqft commercial space on Bath Rd for Sale 【出售】金斯顿(Kingston) 18836平方英尺商铺出售 1761 bath rd kingston $1,600000.00