Southgate乡村小镇10.47英亩住宅/农业空地出售 – Southgate 10.47 Acres Residential Agriculture Vacant Land For Sale

Southgate是加拿大安大略省西南部的一个小镇,位于格雷县的东南角。农业是Southgate经济的主导部门。 Southgate的许多农场上都有二级企业,为农村农场社区提供服务。 在过去的20年中,门诺族人一直在Southgate购置农田,并扩大了可用于农业的土地基础。 Southgate的农业用地供应正在扩大。Southgate的旅游经济正在增长,重点是在Holstein和Dundalk举行的许多活动。 2016年,与Wellington North, Minto, Mapleton and West Grey合作,开发了一种新的旅游体验,名为“Butter Tarts & Buggies:探索简单的生活”。 它包括Southgate的Mennonite文化和当地的美食体验。

Agriculture is the dominant sector of the economy in Southgate. Many of the farms in Southgate have secondary businesses on the farm to service the rural farm community. For the last 20 years, Mennonites have been purchasing farmland in Southgate and have expanded the land base available for agriculture. The supply of agricultural land is expanding in Southgate.

物业介绍 (Property Description)

地址 Location: Southgate Sideroad 13 / Southgate Rd 8, Southgate

抢购价 Multi-Offer Price: $199,000

占地面积 Lot Area:  10.47 Acres (456,228 sq.ft. sq.ft.) ( 330 ft x 1,345 ft )

类型 Type: 住宅/农业 Residential Agriculture Vacant Land”

地税 Property Taxes: $252/2021

分区 Zoning: R6, EP. 分区为住宅、环保、冒险和农村地区。 非常适合用于休闲娱乐场所。 Zoned residential, environmental protection, hazard & rural. Great for recreation purposes.

PIN#: 372740120

ARN#: 420709000108680

分区 (Zoning)

地理位置 (Location)

地理位置 Location: 开车6分钟可到达 Hwy 89, 15分钟可到达 Hwy 10, 并可转入至Hwy 400 和其它高速公路。7 mins drive to Hwy 10 and can transfer to Hwy 400 and other highways.


娱乐 (Entertainment)

Butter Tarts and Buggies是Southgate,Wellington North,Minto,Mapleton和West Grey的一个新的旅游胜地,其中Holstein地区的许多Mennonite业务都在这里。


Butter Tarts and Buggies is a new tourist attraction in Southgate, Wellington North, Minto, Mapleton, and West Grey which features many of the Mennonite businesses in the Holstein area. Varney International Speedway is located in Varney on the western edge of Southgate. It is the only speedway in Ontario to feature a 33° high-bank asphalt racing surface.

人口分布 (Population)

Southgate小镇 2016 年的人口为7,354。为满足前往密西沙加,布兰普顿和卡利登的通勤者的850多个新房屋而开发了分区。在接下来的5至10年中,邓多克的人口预计将增加一倍。

Southgate’s population in 2016 was 7,354. Subdivisions are developed for over 850 new houses catering to commuters to Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon. As a result, the population of Dundalk is expected to double over the next 5 to 10 years.

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Southgate乡村小镇10.47英亩住宅/农业空地出售 – Southgate 10.47 Acres Residential Agriculture Vacant Land For Sale